Madeline Hatter’s Polka Dotty Tea Party

My first major “Doll Project” is customizing the famous Mad Hatter’s Tea Party.

Madeline Hatter, for those of you unfamiliar with Ever After High, is the daughter of the Mad Hatter and she is hosting a Tea Party and you bet, it’s going to be a bit “spotty”.

I started this project with the idea that every attendee will wear polka dots, whether it be on their pants, jumpsuits, dresses, skirts or coat. The outfit had to had polka dots because well, polka dots are whimsical and Wonderland is whimsical.

I had hoped to create an outfit for every Monster High and Ever After High doll out there but alas, it is too large of a task so I chose approximately 11 dolls – 7 of which are shown below (the other 4’s outfit have not yet been created, including the star of the party, Madeline).

I have provided photos below so please take a look and let me know what you think!









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