The Almost Doll Whisperer


I have a confession to make…
I am not a doll whisperer at least not now but hopefully one day. So I guess I am a wannabe doll whisperer. It’s almost the same, right?…

Actually if I am to be completely honest, I’ve never really cared much for dolls. I never really had any dolls growing up, maybe one or two bears and a barbie here or there but that’s about all. To add to the atrocities that is my doll-less life, I’ve never even thought of dolls since I was I was a toddler, that’s more than 20 years!

So then why you may be asking do I want to be a doll-whisperer? And an even better question- what the heck is a doll whisperer?

I’ll start with the – ‘What the heck is a doll whisperer’ question.

Well to start, a doll whisperer is a crafter, whose art centers around bringing a certain spark to dolls. I don’t mean playing god or even geppetto but rather adding a touch here or there to breathe a subtle hint of life to a doll. This can range from changing a doll’s hair style or creating clothes, repainting its face or even creating a brand new one from scratch.

And this is my answer to the second question. The dolls I will be using may not be a special one of a kind dolls in fact, I got most of mine from ebay for $5-$7 a pop but there’s a charm to them and I plan to use this blog to bring that to life.

So, let’s get started then.